Archaeological site

The excavation area, owned by the City of Castrocielo, is on a flat area of almost 7 acres. Located within the urban perimeter of the Roman city, in one of the central blocks, is placed in  the east of the Theater, from which, in ancient times, it was separated by the so called Cardo Maximus (via Montana) that had roughly the trend of the street vicinal Civita Vetere and immediately in the north of the ancient Via Latina, the famous Roman road that connected Rome with Capua, an internal alternative route to the coastal  via Appia.

According to what was reported above, remarkable results have been achieved, important for the study of the central sector of the ancient settlement, characterized by public buildings known as the Theatre, the Apsidal Building, the Amphitheater, the so-calledCapitolium and the lately acquired Central Baths.


The hope is that this activity aimed to provide knowledge of the historical and archaeological heritage, may constitute a driving force for better protection activities of the site, even in prediction of  the strategic value of the area that the City of Castrocielo is trying to achieve, in co-operation with the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Lazio and the University of Salento.


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