The Theater

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The theater is on the Via Latina, decumanus maximus of the ancient colony. There are visible the walls that supported the media cavea, and part of the scaena. Of the building remain 22 radial septa. The walls are cementitious, and facing walls are characterized by an opus reticolatum with cubilia in local travertine.

The first archaeological excavation was carried out by the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Lazio.
These assays have identified 3 steps still in situ. On the basis of the excavations we can hypothesize the existence of two orders of steps: the upper sostruito, the lower excavated. There are different proposals for dating the building. A first dating places the theater in the early years of the I century. A.D. . Differently, others have dated the building to a previous period, dating it to the middle of the I century. B.C.


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